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Permission to Build and a really cool Web App

Well it was nice to finish off a week with Arden and their Surveyor finally conceding and getting the permit drawn up so my mind quickly turned to looking for online apps that would allow me to draw up the plan so I could get a feel for the space. 

I found a really cool online web app called Home by me, which allows me to draw up the plans exactly to measurements, then furnish it, although not all the fittings and furnishings match what we have chosen. Close enough!

It was great to do a virtual walk through, even with interesting compromises like using a make shift timber window into the timber screen that divides the rumpus from the living lol. 

Just by doing this I was able to pretty much determine where most of our couches would and wouldnt fit. I also got to try a cool interior design trick that nicely separated thed living room from the dining. It also helped me answer where the piano would go and if we would have enough space to fit a little bar in, which seems to be a Yes. 


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