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Going to Tender

Wow it has been awhile since I posted as we actually went through 2 tender appointments.
At the first one my husband had a heart attack at the price so we made some structural changes and also removed several upgrades to cut it all back by about 100k.
The site costs came back at almost double what we expected due to moist soil. This meant that we needed screws that would go 3 meters deep, and our slab also had to be upgraded.  We were looking at 40k + 15k provisional or flood assessment which is double the 25k I was expecting!
I have also since applied to find out if the existing electricity pit would be sufficient, and got the A OK from council that I didnt need to pay a community infrastructure levy. Hooray for small blessings!
So because of the huge changes I didnt bother writing up a tender post about the first meeting, however today we had our 2nd meeting and it is now all signed off and an impatient wait for Contract!
Here are some of the changes we made since colour: Cladding -…

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